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Podcasts & Interviews

 I am interviewed by Jennifer-Witte (@jenniferwittecoaching) and we discuss recommendations for someone who is facing a struggle right now; our purpose in life to connect with others and experience life to its fullest potential; why it’s important to not only work with our physical body, but also with our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies; why our breath is such a powerful tool; the impact of our thoughts and words on our body and so much more.
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Ancestral Healing

We discuss the strong pull for us to clear our ancestral karma and old patterns of negative behaviour locked into our DNA and unconscious mind. 

Cara uses Light Language Codes and ThetaHealingÒ to transform and resolve.

Skip to 5 minutes in.


Navigating a Soul's Journey

Cara discusses exploring a new reality–a new perception.

We chat about making different choices, overcoming self-limiting beliefs, meditation, healing crystals & channelled light language.

NB: The chat begins at 10.10 into the show.


What is the language of Light?

Cara offer’s insights, explanations and channelling of Light Language – the sound of Light – the Sacred Light of the Soul. 

These Activation Ascension codes carry the frequency for healing, activating DNA, aligning your light body and more….

A Live Radio interview by Rose McNair of


Welcome to 2023!

Welcome to 2023!

CHAT BEGINS at 5mins.  We discuss the energy for this year through Astrology, Numerology, Light Code downloads and we stray into a few other energetic topics

As I am not an expert in these fields I acknowledge the following people who shared their wisdom.

Debra Silverman, Taanz, Tiarnie Vidler, Judy Satori, Michelle Buchanan


An Interview with Shannon Dunn. 

Women’s Health & Wellness

Healing Prolapse  



Holistic beauty and health guide, journalist & mum-of-two, Shannon is dedicated to guiding women and children to fully express their light—to move past self-perceived limitations, to find authentic self-love and blessings amid the chaos and demands of modern life.

(Photo design: BeautyEQ) 


Interview conducted by integrative maternity expert and bestselling author, Kathy Fray.  

International Integrated Maternal Health Care Organisation (IIMHCO

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