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 I am interviewed by Jennifer-Witte (@jenniferwittecoaching) and we discuss recommendations for someone who is facing a struggle right now; our purpose in life to connect with others and experience life to its fullest potential; why it’s important to not only work with our physical body, but also with our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies; why our breath is such a powerful tool; the impact of our thoughts and words on our body and so much more.

An Interview with Shannon Dunn. 

Women’s Health & Wellness

Healing Prolapse  



Holistic beauty and health guide, journalist & mum-of-two, Shannon is dedicated to guiding women and children to fully express their light—to move past self-perceived limitations, to find authentic self-love and blessings amid the chaos and demands of modern life.

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Interview conducted by integrative maternity expert and bestselling author, Kathy Fray.  

International Integrated Maternal Health Care Organisation (IIMHCO