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Light Languages/Codes

Light language is the galactic language of light and love. 

Light Language carries light codes for frequency healing, activating DNA, for toning, meditating and aligning. 


The channelled language (as sound) of light is designed for re-configuring your subtle bodies towards an accelerated soul expansion.

The use of light language as a carrier of higher dimensional frequencies is a beautiful way to help you vibrate higher. For if you have every had light language spoken to you, you will feel the vibrations of this language even if you don’t understand what it does.

I tone this light language/codes to your light body for axiotonal alignment, for manifesting and for restoring and activating the human crystalline body to bring about great health benefits and emotional wellbeing. It can be used for Merkaba meditation and interdimensional travel.

Different energy frequencies possess different qualities in order to fulfil the evolutionary needs of the cosmos. Since 2012 our expanding human consciousness is going beyond its 3rd dimensional (3D) awareness and the crystalline frequency present in the human chakra system will bring about the materialisation of our 5D light body and thus, accelerate the soul remembrance of ourselves as ‘divine HU-man’. 

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