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Crystal Healing Certificate Course

6 online learning modules    /    20+ Lessons & Activities

Are you interested in crystals and want to learn more about their healing powers?

Do you want to know how to use crystals to balance your chakras?

Discover the healing powers of crystals.  Learn everything you need to begin crystal healing.

Crystal Healing Course Description

Gain a unique in depth understanding about Crystals, their energy and how to use them in everyday life.

You will be able to use crystals to balance your chakras, cleanse & harmonise your living/working space and choose one for every day use. 

You will learn practical crystal healing methods developed by a professional crystal healing practitioner. 

Offering you practical, experiential and instructional-based knowledge that you can only get from interactive learning.

Understanding 'The energies of crystals' and their physical and metaphysical properties, you will develop your own 'healer potential'.

“Thankyou Cara, I learnt so much on your Crystal Course online.  Not only great information on crystals and using them at home and for chakra balancing, but some wonderful insights into chakras, and energy healing.”

Dun. S.

No matter your experience level, this course is for those of you who have an interest in learning about the Magick of Crystals and their potential as a healing/holistic therapy. 

I’ve designed this as a comprehensive introductory course for you to learn how to begin using crystal healing on yourself and others.  


I also provide you with the best resources to continue your education at home.

PLUS those of you who desire to become professional crystal healers you can continue on to the Advanced Crystal Healing Certificate Course. 

This Crystal Healing Online Course Includes:

  • 6 Modules | 20+ Lessons & Activities

  • Video tutorials

  • In depth student notes

  • Student workbook

  • Tutor Q & A

  • Certificate of completion

A BONUS section of extra information and resources.

There are Learning Activities for you to complete along the way to review your learning and to build your confidence in using the crystals. 

Healing Stones

What you will learn?

  • Everything you need to begin crystal healing

  • How crystal healing works

  • How to properly cleanse, program and store your crystals

  • Find out how to choose the right crystals for healing

  • Know how to clear and balance the Chakra centres in crystal healing

  • Discover 10 popular crystals and their healing benefits

1 year membership to my private Facebook group where you can ask questions along the way

“I’ve really enjoyed this course…I love to have access to everything online so I can keep practising my healing on people. I love the video demonstration you did.  Super helpful course.”

Melisssa H. Business owner.  Auckland NZ

How The Crystal Healing Course Works

Once you enrol, you will receive your log-in and access to all the course lessons upfront, for you to work through at your own pace.  Your enrolment will be active for 12 MONTHS  before your access to our online learning centre expires.

You will be invited to join my private Facebook group where you can ask me and others questions along the way and connect with a likeminded community of healers.

PLUS, unlike most other online courses, you will also receive downloadable PDF's of relevant information in each of the modules, which you can print and keep for future reference. There is also a downloadable and printable PDF Workbook which will also guide you through the course.  


Throughout the course, you will have access to the video tutorials to help maximise your learning.

As part of your course enrolment, you will have the opportunity to ask me questions regarding your learning via email.I am a qualified and experienced Holistic Life/Soul Coach and professional Crystal/Energy Healer.


Contacting HealingHouse with Cara:

If you have any questions regarding the course, or if you need some assistance please send me an email at

Please allow up to 48 hours to respond to your message. I will be sure to respond to you ASAP.  This allows for international time differences.  

Crystal Healing Course Overview

Module 1 – The History and Philosophy of Crystal Healing

Module 2 – What is a Crystal | Mineral | Gemstone? 2.1  What is a Crystal? 2.2  Crystal Formations 2.3  A Movie about Crystals and Gemstones​

Module 3 – Crystal Healing 3.1 What is Crystal Healing? Principles of Healing How does Crystal Healing work? How crystals work in the Healing process? ​3.2 Learn how to: Choose Cleanse Program/Activate Store your crystals Learning Activity -Choosing Crystals​​ ​3.3 What crystals do you need to begin. 3.4 Resources A guide to using crystals (

A guide to using crystals (

Module 4 – Chakras & Crystals 4.1  An introduction to Chakras What is a Chakra? Location of Chakras The Seven Major Chakras The Earth Star Chakra Learning Activity - Locating your Chakras and earth star Chakra Chakra Descriptions 4.2  Auras - Our Human Energy Fields What is the Aura? Why is Aura cleansing important? How to cleanse your Aura Learning Activity – Seeing Auras Video tutorial - how to cleanse your Aura 4.3  Using Crystals to balance your Chakras Learning Activity – Balancing your Chakras

Module 5 - Crystal Healing Video Demonstration. ​5.1  Grounding ​5.2  Video Tutorial How to complete a crystal healing on the chakras. Different healing layouts and techniques 5.3  Ten Steps to your own crystal healing Learning Activity - Your own Crystal Healing

Module 6 - More about Crystals ​6.1  Crystals in the Home 6.2  A guide to the most commonly used Crystals and their Healing properties.  6.3  Birthstones & Crystals 6.4  Rose Quartz Guided Mediation Meditation Information  Audio Tutorial - Rose Quartz Meditation

Bonus Section – All Downloadable

#1 - Is my crystal real or fake?

#2 – Crystal Directory - ebook   

#3 - Suggested Reading for further Education at Home.

“I think your Online Crystal Course is really good, easy to follow and understand. The language used is good, I like that.  I am still a beginner when it comes to crystals, and it was great learning for me. I really enjoyed the different aspects i.e reading, activities and videos. The videos are really good.”

Amanda S.  Life Coach & Healer.  Auckland NZ

Learning Activities

To support your learning and grow your confidence, the Learning Activities are available to complete as you progress through the course. Please send any questions to me via email. 

Upon completion of the Modules 1 – 6 and Bonus Section, please send via email, your completed Final Learning Activity for any feedback.  


You will also be sent your Certificate of Completion.

Certificate of Completion

You will be provided with your certificate you can download and print on completion of the course.  The workbook has a form and instructions on how to do this.

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