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Holistic Life/Soul Coaching

Holistic Life | Soul Coaching is based on a holistic model of working with the Body, Mind and Spirit.

        “Life works in a simple way.  You get back what you send out to the Universe – this is the Law of Attraction

I am a holistic Life and Soul Coach, inspired by those who are taking the journey to empower, enlighten and know their true selves.  My coaching includes accessing the multiple healing services which are designed to support you to take the action needed to live with more abundance and joy in your life.  

These sessions are designed to give you opportunities to ask questions and explore the challenges you may be experiencing in your life as well as channelling the various healing energies, soul frequencies, spiritual and galactic guides who show up to support you on your healing journey. 

We are all energy beings… which means that our thoughts and feelings (conscious and subconscious) are constantly influencing our physical realities. 

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I bring many years of training and experience together with natural intuition and guidance from spirit, to provide you with the necessary inspiration, direction, and support to create your very best life.

Spiritual intuitive life coaching provides a powerful system of support by which you may find ways to better enjoy a more successful and fulfilling life.  I hope to provide inspiration and guidance while holding a steady vision of how you can make choices based on love and intuition rather than fear and obligation.  Coaching helps decrease your stress levels as you make life changes, helping your to better utilize your natural gifts.


You might wish to work with a Holistic Life | Soul Coach in order to:

  • Discover your natural gifts and a greater sense of your life’s       purpose

  • Receive confirmation about your true feelings

  • Learn ways to respond to life situations

  • Make balanced, focused decisions and life plans

  • Get unstuck so you can reach business and personal goals

  • Bring your dreams into reality

  • Make graceful life transitions.


How it works

Each consultation is uniquely tailored to you on your journey. 

We talk about where you are on this journey and what you are wanting to work towards.  I will show you how energy works and what it means for you and how to use this to make changes in your life.  I offer the opportunity to work with your higher self and your spiritual guides in order to better help you know your thoughts and feeling on all levels of your being. 

My creative approach will help you turn life’s adversities into valuable life lessons and emotional / spiritual growth.  I will assist you by increasing your connection to your inner knowing and your intuitive processes. Thus transforming your energy into higher frequencies of joy and peace.

It is all very well knowing you have a problem, or a reoccurring pattern of behaviour, but that doesn’t make it to away… so I show you how to works through it, move past it and stop it taking over your life.  We will work towards changing the conscious and unconscious negative beliefs, and feelings that are influencing your choices in life.

Each session takes into consideration and weaves your questions and intentions into a balanced ‘whole’ with the guidance received from spirit.  I utilize a variety of modalities that include; Chakra clearing & balancing, crystal & energy healing, aura clearing, guided meditation, past life and soul retrieval, oracle card readings, light language/codes and sound healing.

The first session in usually one and half hours, allowing time to discuss in detail your needs - Fee $NZ160


All follow up sessions are typically one hour – Fee $NZ120

It is highly recommend to have three consecutive sessions for which I offer a discounted pre-paid rate – Fee $NZ360

These coaching | healing sessions can be in person or via Zoom.  (Zoom includes distance healing).

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