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Advanced Crystal Healing Certificate Course

6 online learning modules    /    20+ Lessons & Activities

Are you interested to learn more advanced crystal healing techniques?

Do you want to offer Crystal Healing as part of your well-being practice?

Then take the next steps in your training to gain a deeper understanding of Crystal Healing at a Practitioner level.

  • You will further develop your knowledge about crystals and crystal healing techniques

  • Become confident in the use of crystal energy for health and wellbeing.

With your crystals activated, your chakras aligned, and energy flowing, there is no limit to the transformational Magick you can bring into your life’s journey.


Have you heard of any energy healing techniques such as reiki, crystal healing, or Qigong?


Do you know exactly what these energy healing techniques can do for you?


Would you like to learn how to harness the power of natural energy to improve your overall well-being?

Advanced Crystal Healing Course Description

This advanced course builds on your knowledge gained from our Crystal Healing course or your own foundational knowledge of crystals and crystal healing techniques. 

If you have not yet completed the Crystal Healing Certificate Course I would strongly recommend you do this first.

In addition to using crystals in your day to day life, the course will enable you to bring additional healing techniques to your current therapy business.

Or give you the extra confidence you may need to start your crystal healing business.


You can study this Advanced Crystal Healing Certificate Course in your own time and at your own pace. You have access to the course information for a year.

This Crystal Healing Course Includes:

·       6+ Modules | 20+ Lessons & Activities

·       Video & Audio tutorials

·       In depth student notes

·       Tutor Q & A

·       Certificate of completion

A BONUS section of extra information and resources.

There are Learning Activities for you to complete along the way to review your learning and to build your confidence providing crystal healing as a service to others.

Image by Sarah Brown

What you will learn?

  • In depth discovery of the 12 Chakras and corresponding Healing Crystals

  • How to clear and balance the 12 Chakra in Crystal Healing

  • How Crystal Healing works.

  • Find out how to accurately choose crystals to use in crystal healing layouts

  • Advanced Crystal Healing methods & techniques

  • Learn 6 powerful & effective crystal body layouts | grids

  • Everything you need to begin offering crystal healing session

How The Advanced Crystal Healing Course Works

Once you enrol, and register you will have access to all the course lessons upfront, for you to work through at your own pace.  Your enrolment will be active for 12 MONTHS before your access to our online learning centre expires.


PLUS, unlike most other online courses, you will also receive downloadable PDF’s of relevant information in each of the modules, which you can print and keep for future reference.


Throughout the course, you will have access to the video and audio tutorials to help maximise your learning.


As part of your course enrolment, you will have the opportunity to ask me questions regarding your learning via email. I am a qualified and experienced Holistic Life Soul Coach and professional Crystal/Energy Healer.


Contacting HealingHouse with Cara:

If you have any questions regarding the course, or if you need some assistance please send me an email at:

Please allow up to 48 hours to respond to your message. I will be sure to respond to you ASAP.  This allows for international time differences.  

Image by Luz Mendoza

Advanced Crystal Healing Course Overview

Module 1 - What is a Crystal? – The Science behind them!

1.1  Formation and Structure

1.2  How Crystal Healing works

1.3  Crystal shapes & their use 


Module 2 - Clear Quartz – Powerful Healing Crystal

2.1  Uncover & Discover Clear Quartz


Module 3 - The 12 Chakras and Crystals

3.1  The 12 Chakras - Their positioning in the body, colours, and what they represent.

3.2  Our Aura – The function of the Energy Fields and connection to the Chakras

3.3  Chakras & Crystals and their healing frequencies.


Module 4 – Advanced Crystal Healing Techniques | Methods

4.1  Advanced crystal healing techniques

4.2  Other Powerful Healing Crystals


Module 5 – Using Crystals Advanced

5.1  Programing Crystals

5.2  Crystal Grids & Layouts

5.3  Crystal Elixirs

5.4  Using a Crystal Pendulum


Module 6 –

6.1  Crystal Meditation for alignment / soul journeying  

6.2  House Clearing and Feng Shui with Crystals

6.3  Healing Crystals for Women, Anxiety & Stress.


Bonus Section

#1 - How to build your own Crystal Healing business as a practitioner

#2 - Easy-to-read Chakra & Crystal Chart  

#3 – Suggested Reading for further Education at Home


Learning Activities

To support your learning and grow your confidence, the Learning Activities are available to complete as you progress through the course. Please send any questions to me via email. 

Upon completion of the Modules 1 – 6 and Bonus Section, please send via email, your completed Final Learning Activity for any feedback.  


You will also be sent your Certificate of Completion.

Image by Esther Verdú

Certificate of Completion

You will be provided with your certificate you can download and print on completion of the course.  The workbook has a form and instructions on how to do this.

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