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Energy Healing

The focus of Energy work is to bring healing and re-alignment to you and to leave you feeling grounded, relaxed with a sense of peace and harmony.  

Energy Healing involves you lying upon a massage table, clothed, while I work on your chakras, auric-field and body.  During the healing, I may lay-my-hands upon parts of your body (such as the forehead, stomach, feet) as well as working in your auric-field above your body.  Often I will use crystals and light language/codes to amplify the healing. 

I often ask you to participate in visualisation and breath-work which will help you relax into a meditative state to aid the healing process.  I am guided by your higher self, spiritual guides and my connection to the universal Source of all, to offer energy work that is in your highest and best.

Each healing session is unique to you and where you are on your healing journey.

Some people find that they require a single session, while others may prefer to have regular energetic treatments to help maximize their personal and spiritual energy and growth.


Distance Healing

Long distance healing is simply directing specific energy(s) to someone who is not in the same location as I am. 

Distance healing is just as effective as in person healing as energy can be sent for any situation wherever you are in the world. 


Improvement can be instantaneous or improve over time and your response may vary from healing session to session. 


You may feel warm, cold or feel sensations in your body. 


You may also feel more calm and relaxed and often many people say they feel lighter.

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